Toadofsky is a character present in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES. He is a Toad composer who you'll first find in Tadpole Pond, where he'll be thinking of a new song, ultimately rejecting the one Mario creates by jumping on the various different tadpoles. Toadofsky explains to Mario that he is unable to think of anything new, saying that he has "composer's block" (similar to writer's block) and that if he doesn't come up with anything, he'll end up composing music for a certain blue hedgehog's video game. Eventually however, if Mario finds specific songs found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, he can bring them back to Toadofsky who'll be inspired by them. He can later be found performing music for Raz and Raini's wedding ceremony, which was devastated by the entry of Booster.

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