Toadette's Music Room is the second game board in the story mode of Mario Party DS. It is accessed after beating the Piranha Plant at Wiggler's Garden. The Board is a cluttered music room shared by Toadette and Hammer Bro. The boss Minigame is Hammer Chime and the Boss is Hammer Bro.


Mario and Co. arrive to find Toadette. She is angry at Hammer Bro, who is destroying her instruments. Mario and Co. accept the challenge and they soon defeat Hammer Bro. A grateful Toadette then grants them the second Sky Crystal.


The features of this board revolve around music. The Stars can be bought at music notes for varying amounts of Coins depending on the pitch of the note, E being the cheapest and F the most expensive.

The ? Spaces revolve around musical instruments. These range from playing a piano solo to gain coins to getting sent away to a random location by Hammer Bros' timpani. There is also a warp trumpet and a metronome that changes the location of the Star.