Toad Road is the first and simplest board in Mario Party 9.


Captain Events

9 Island - the players are launched by a cannon to a small island shaped like the number 9. Each player rolls a Regular Dice Block once, in an order determined by the captain. There are several sets of Mini Stars scattered over the island, ending with a set of 10. The event ends when all the Mini Stars have been collected or after all players have rolled the Dice Block once. If all the Mini Stars are not collected by the end of the last player's roll, everyone will enter a warp pipe and will be headed back to the main route.

Boss Battles

  • Sock It to Lakitu
  • Wiggler Bounce


  • Toad Mobile - the default car
  • Rickety Ride
  • Wiggler Wagon


  • The rock formations on top of the two mountains are shaped like an "M" and "P", and the island is shaped like a 9, standing for Mario Party 9.
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