SM3DL Toad House

Toad Houses are, as their name implies, houses which Toads live in. In games such as Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 3D World The Toads living there will help Mario out on his journey by giving him items. In Paper Mario, they act as places for Mario to rest and restore his health. In the pre-release version of Super Mario World, Toad Houses were planned to be included but were taken out.

Types of Toad Houses

  • Yellow and Red Toad House: A standard Toad House in Super Mario Bros. 3 that will contain three chests. The player will only be allowed to chose one of them.
  • White or Blue Toad House: A Toad House found in Super Mario Bros. 3 that will appear after the player collects a set amount of coins in a world. Within these houses is a single chest that will have either a P-Wing (odd-numbered areas) or an Anchor (even-numbered areas). In the original NES game, the houses were white, while in remakes, they were blue.
  • Item House: A standard Toad House in New Super Mario Bros. In this house a block will continually rotate. The player must jump beneath the block, and the item that is showcased on the block will be given to the player.
  • 1-Up House: A house in New Super Mario Bros. in which the player has the ability to get up to 12 1-Up Mushrooms.
  • Mega House: A house that contains one item and one only: a Mega Mushroom.
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