Toad Harbor is a track in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe based on San Francisco. It is the second race course of the Flower Cup.

Course Layout

The course starts near the docks with a few boats. After turning right, there are two paths; one goes over a bridge while another allows players to drive onto a boat with a ramp. Racers will be starting to enter the town after this point. They can continue driving right, though they can either go straight through, take a Boost Pad, or drive on top of the market tents in the area. After that, a shortcut can be taken upon driving over a narrow path and jumping off a ramp.

After a few turns, drivers will perform a U-turn past the Toad Toy Store, which provides this course's only anti-gravity section. If players stick to the normal path, they'll have to avoid oncoming trolley cars. If the player attempts to follow the trolley car rails after the station, Lakitu will come and hoist the player back to the road. Whichever path was taken, both lead to a steep downhill part of the track leading back to the coastal area, with more trolley cars to dodge. A pathway with a Boost Pad can be taken, but otherwise, after two turns, the track leads back to the finish line.

Trolleys move around certain parts of the track. Each has an Item box that trail them. A Koopa Troopa drives it with Toad Passengers

Record Times

Staff Ghost

World Records


  • This is the only Nitro course among the base Mario Kart 8 content that does not involve any gliding.
    • It is also the only course in the base Mario Kart 8 content that does not feature any mechanics introduced in Mario Kart 7 (gliders, underwater sections, one-lap courses, etc.)
  • This is one of the three courses (along with Mario Circuit and Twisted Mansion) that were playable at E3 2013. Coincidentally, all three take place in the Flower Cup, in the same order as the original demo.
  • Toad Harbor is one of the two nitro courses where the anti-gravity segments are optional, with the other course being Bone-Dry Dunes.
  • The Peach Statue of Liberty and Toad Harbor itself can be seen beneath the Mario Kart 8 version of N64 Rainbow Road.
  • A Toad Harbor logo appears on the back of the Toad City Sightseeing Buses in N64 Toad's Turnpike.
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