Toad's Turnpike is a course found in Mario Kart 64 in the Flower Cup. It returns in Mario Kart 8 as a part of the Shell Cup.


Mario Kart 64:

Toad's Turnpike is a first track of the Flower Cup. The track likely takes place during the sunset, judging by the reddish hue of the sky. The track is shaped like a simple figure-8.

Mario Kart 8

MK8 N64 Toads Turnpike

Toad's Turnpike returns in Mario Kart 8 as the final track of the Shell Cup. The course adds several new elements based on changes in the series. Racers now have options to go on the wall in anti-gravity and have boost pads but the path is less optimal. The track also starts on the bridge in the loop. Item boxes, as well as coins, now move along the road. Many of the billboards of Toad himself have been removed and replaced with traffic signs and advertising billboards, a notable one being for a radio station named 64MHz.

The map also chooses at random from several traffic pattern sets and uses them for the race. Sometimes, the cars all travel in one direction while other times one lane goes the opposite. Most of the cars have changed plus the absence of  light blue tank trucks. The empty auto carrier trucks have glider ramps, and the pink pickup trucks have a surfboard which serves as a simple ramp. If a racer lands on top of a bus or truck, there is a little ramp.

Battle Mode

Toad's Turnpike is also used as one of the battle courses. The coin sections now have a single item box. Item boxes are also stationary. The pink pickup trucks and glider trucks are also absent.


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