Toad's Midway Madness (JP) (is a board in Mario Party 4. It is amusement park hosted by Toad. He built it because he loves amusement parks and wanted his friends to have fun in it. 

Board Elements

The main gimmick of the board is the looping paths from split paths. The tea cups function like an alternating split path with a player going one direction and the following player going the other direction. The player can ride the rollercoaster on the bottom left and the top right. They can get coins on the ride and end on the other side of the board. There are two Mini pipes in this stage. One gives access to the coin minigame.

The Item Minigame is on the right side stage and involves the merry-go-round with the player stopping their horse and aligning with the desired items. The coin minigame is on the top left corner and involves choosing a rocket ship to ride and gain coins along the way.

Happening Spaces

The Happening Spaces on the rollercoaster's rail causes the rollercoaster to activate, chasing them down the right or left sides depending on where the car starts.

The other happening spaces after each tea cup change the direction of the tea cups.

Story Mode

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