Tiz Arrior is a playable character and the main protagonist in Bravely Default. He is the sole survivor of the Great Chasm that destroys his hometown of Norende, during which he is unable to save his younger brother Til.


Bravely Default

When Tiz Til and his younger brother are in Norende care meadows for the sheep, suddenly a burst of light burst from the ground and consumed the village, while the formation of a great abyss. When you try to save Tiz On falling into the abyss, he is powerless to look at the boy slips into the abyss. Later found by Alternis Dim, a Tiz seriously injured being transported Caldisla where he slept for a week before you wake up and disappeared learning of his city. Departure for the recent Norende Ravine training to see the abyss for himself and searching for survivors, revealing an hourglass from a mysterious figure, Tiz meets a young woman named Agnes Oblige informing him that he is the only survivor. Learning that Agnès is the vestal wind and pursued by Eternian forces, seeing it as the light of his hope, Tiz offers to join her in her quest, in the wake of the crystals of hope "could restore Norende.

When their search leads them to Eisenberg, Tiz comes across a young man named Egil boy wearing a strong resemblance to his younger brother and tries to protect it at all costs. After helping him, Tiz suffers no more death recurring nightmares of his brother Til. He and Agnès approach during their travels, and you chose to be closest companion Agnès when dealing with information that the essay should tell them. In the next world, he uses the repeated opportunities to transmit information Ringabel reminded about the true nature of Airy as a manipulator of Agnès. Although Tiz learns that unknowingly caused the Great chasms in alternative worlds after her, having the possibility to stop the fairy before she accomplished his mission, he and the others decide to continue to address the real enemy when the time comes. Once the last world by connecting to the heavenly kingdom, the group learn Airy is an Ouroboros servant.

During the battle, Tiz discovers that owns an inside "Celestial Being" of himself that was prolonging his life during his trip from Norende. Six months after the Ouroboros defeat, and the same day that he, Agnès and Edea wanted to have a meeting, Tiz, who has lived in Caldisla with Egil, release the celestial and collapses soon after in front of the tomb of Til.

In the alternate ending Finale: Lying Airy, Tiz dates back to Caldisla and has hinted that he gets the quiet life he had wanted to.

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