Tiptup the Turtle is a green, somewhat clumsy turtle originating from Diddy Kong Racing, who would later make minor appearances in several games of the Banjo-Kazooie series. Despite Banjo and Conker not returning in Diddy Kong Racing DS because Rare Ltd. was sold to Microsoft, Tiptup managed to return in the remake. This is unusual considering Tiptup is considered a Banjo character and is presumably still owned by Rare/Microsoft, but his presence was possibly due to the fact that he had a very minor role in the Banjo-Kazooie games.


Diddy Kong Racing

Tiptup is a playable driver in Diddy Kong Racing. He helps Timber, Pipsy, and the others defend their home island from Wizpig. The pig tyrant flies back to his home planet, Future Fun Land, after being defeated by Tiptup and his friends. Tiptup and his allies follow, and defeat Wizpig for a second time. Tiptup's instrument theme is a xylophone or marimba.

Tiptup is one of only two lightweight racers, with the other one being Pipsy. His vehicles have very high acceleration attributes and good turning abilities, but their speed is rather low. His top speed without bananas is 54.67 mph.

Diddy Kong Racing DS

Tiptup also appears in the remake to the original, Diddy Kong Racing DS. He has a higher pitched voice in the game, but otherwise his characteristics are identical to that of the original game.

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