Tiptron is a robotic version of Tippi, a partner of Mario in the game Super Paper Mario. At the end of the game, Tippi becomes unavailable for the player's use after her marriage to Count Bleck and subsequent disappearance. However, it is revealed later that Francis created Tiptron, and for 999 Coins (the highest number of coins the player can hold), he will sell it to Mario, allowing the player to use Tippi's abilities again. If the player talks to Francis after buying Tiptron, he will state that he is going to create a second model, Tiptron Mk. II.

Tiptron has feminine programming and is designed to resemble Tippi; she speaks exactly like her, albeit using a more electronic-looking speech box, similar to TEC-XX from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. However, there are several occasions where she demonstrates some awareness that she is not the real Tippi:

  • If the player uses her to tattle themselves, she will thank them for saving all worlds before adding, "...At least, that's what I think she would say..."
  • Merlon will initially believe she is Tippi, as well, and will address her as such, causing Tiptron to stutter and appear flustered by the concept.
  • When tattling Francis, Tiptron will at first refer to him as her creator and briefly hesitate before quickly asserting her "true" identity.

Overall, though she was made as an exact replica of Tippi, essentially a replacement, she is able to see through her programming, and this awareness that she is not truly Tippi creates something of a minor identity crisis. Despite this self-conflict, however, Tiptron will still believe she is Tippi and act as her organic counterpart would.

Catch Card

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: Francis made this 1:1-scale robotic version of Tippi. It's the ultimate rare collectible. Plus, it features realistic Tippi action!


  • When you first get Tiptron, she will say she is Tippi, although Tiptron was only programmed to function like her. Also, the only thing she doesn't know for sure is what Tippi would say after Mario and the gang saved the world (she ends the line with "At least, that's what I think she would say...").
  • If the player uses Tiptron's ability on Francis, she will accidentally say that he constructed her, and then deny that fact.
  • For unknown reasons, Tiptron was shown floating over Nastasia in pre-release Super Paper Mario artwork. This lead many to speculate that Tiptron was Nastasia's Pixl partner, and a foil to Tippi. However, neither Tiptron or Tippi had any conversations with Nastasia at any time.
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