​Tine​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the daughter of Tailtiu and the younger sister of Arthur. Through her mother, she is a descendant of Tordo, a granddaughter of Reptor, the niece of Bloom and Ethnia, and a cousin of Ishtar, Ishtore, Amid, and Linda. Her substitute character is Linda.


Tine was born in Silesse, where she lived her earliest years with Tailtiu and Arthur. When she was still an infant, Bloom arrives in Silesse and forcibly took both her and Tailtiu, bringing them back to Alster.

During this time, Tailtiu and Tine were like prisoners to Bloom and his wife, Hilda. Tine witnessed the brutal abuse that Tailtiu endured from Hilda. This not only caused Tailtiu's death, but it also resulted in Tine becoming an insecure and shy young girl and only remembering Tailtiu's personality based on the last days of her life; constantly depressed and sorrowful as opposed to her default cheerful self. Because of this, she despises not only Hilda, but also Bloom because he never stood up for her or her mother. However, she was close to both Ishtar and Ishtore, both of whom were very kind to her. She also inherited her mother's compassion and sense of justice, and while Bloom ruled over Northern Thracia's people with an iron fist, Tine often left her residence to help the common people, making them more sympathetic to her compared to others within Bloom's ranks.

Once Tine reunites with Arthur and joins the Liberation Army led by Seliph, her self-esteem begins to heal. She also starts to remember her earlier life clearer, particularly Tailtiu's putting up with abuses from Hilda so that her daughter would be protected from said abuses and survive, even if it drove her further to sorrow. If she fights Bloom or Hilda in battle, she will call them out on their treatment of Tailtiu before proceeding to attack them.

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