Tina​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a fifteen-year-old cleric from Tahra and the younger sister of Safy. She has two personal staves, which are the Thief Staff and the Unlock Staff. After her sister left Tahra, she began to search for her, but ended up being captured by Perne.


After her sister left Tahra, Tina began to search for her, but she ended up being captured by Perne, who sought to use her staves for stealing. She initially refused to help him, but after he placed bugs on her face, she agreed to do it because she did not want him to punish her in such a way again. During Chapter 12, she brings a warm dinner that she made and gives it to Salem. She also learns that Salem intends to aid her in her search for Safy.

When Leif's army attacks the Dandelion Gang's residence, she is forced to aid Perne in his battle against them. If Safy speaks to her during the chapter, Tina will switch sides. In this scene, she mentions that she finds Leif to be handsome and her ideal man would be a prince like him.

In the ending, Tina often wonders around Jugdral unattended, which constantly worries others, especially her sister.

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