Tin Star is a video game released on the SNES in November of 1994. It is one of the few games that use the Super Scope or the SNES Mouse. The game stars Tin Star, a sheriff who wants to destroy all of the robot bandits (which is the main goal of the game). At one point the ESRB website listed Tin Star as a future Virtual Console release. While it is possible that Nintendo had at one point planned on releasing the game for the Wii service, this has yet to happen. If it were true, the game would probably use the Wii Remote in lieu of the Super Scope or SNES Mouse much like the Wii U Virtual Console release of Duck Hunt.



The following are a list of characters in Tin Star. Every character is a robot.

  • Tin Star - The main character of the game. He is a robot sheriff who plans to defeat all of the robot bandits.
  • Aluminum - Tin Star's steed.
  • Bad Oil Gang - The bandits, and the enemies in the game that Tin Star must destroy.


There are multiple endings in the game depending on how much money you have accumulated by the end of the game. The endings are:

  • < $750,000 - The Girl refuses to marry Tin Star.
  • $750,000 - $1,000,000 - The Girl Marries Tin Star.
  • > $1,000,000 - The Girl turns out to be the bad guy in disguise.


To shoot the robot enemies, you must aim with your Super Scope or SNES Mouse, then shoot. You are not only able to shoot while running, but you are also able to shoot from a first person perspective.

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