The Tiki Tak Tribe is an evil organization found in Donkey Kong Country Returns which mainly consists of Tikis in the team. At the beginning of the game, they hypnotize animals to steal Donkey Kong's bananas from his Banana Hoard. Many of the Tiki Tak Tribe members appear to be 3D Tiki Masks. They come in various shapes with Tiki Goons being shaped like bongos and Tiki Buzzes who appear to have bird wings that allow them to fly. Most of the members are also mainly shaped like instruments and have skinny arms. Other members can be resistant to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's attacks. The Tiki Tak Tribe's main ability is to hypnotize other characters. The Tiki Tak Tribe is also created by bananas and other types of fruit.



  • Despite their wood-like appearance, the Tiki Tak Tribe is resistant to fire.
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