Tikis are a race of wooden creatures that were sealed inside the Donkey Kong Island magma. They are the primary antagonists in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Most of the Tikis resemble floating wooden masks with some resembling various musical instruments and many are adorned with colored feathers. They are also known to use fire as a weapon. As seen in Factory, the Tiki army were created with banana cream from hoard incorporated into its body for Colonel Pluck (controlled by Accordion Tiki). After Tiki Tong's destruction, most Tikis were destroyed but some survived like Tiki Seekers in Golden Temple.

List of Tikis

Tiki Tak Tribe Members

  • Kalimba Tiki
  • Maraca Tiki
  • Gong Tiki
  • Lute Tiki
  • Panflute Tiki
  • Xylophone Tiki
  • Accordion Tiki

Tikis Species

  • Tiki Goon
  • Tiki Pilot
  • Tiki Zing
  • Tiki Buzz
  • Tiki Torch
  • Tiki Tank
  • Tiki Pop]]
  • Tiki Boing
  • Tiki Seeker


  • Traditionally, Tikis are associated with Polynesian culture, however the Tikis seems to draw more influence from African tribal culture instead. This is because of the patterns and vibrant colors each Tiki has.
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