Tiger is one of the playable characters in the Famicom video game Joy Mecha Fight (released only in Japan). Some fans of the game speculate that he is a reference to Sagat of Street Fighter fame due to the similarities in some of the attacks they perform. Tiger, like all of the characters in Joy Mecha Fight, is limb-less: while it has hands and feet, it doesn't have arms or legs. He was one of the robots that Little Ermin built and Ivan Warner stole. Little Ermin programmed his robot Sukapon to take down Tiger and numerous other robots that Warner reprogrammed to cause destruction.


  • Punch: 7Pow
  • Kick: 4Pow
  • Jump Kick: 9Pow
  • Good Punch: 8Pow
  • Jump Punch: 7Pow
  • Leg Sweep: 8Pow
  • Eagle Kick: 8Pow
  • Flying kick: 8Pow
  • Suplex: 13Pow
  • Dash Upper: 10Pow

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