Threed (スリーク, Threek in the original Japanese version) is the name of a town in the SNES game, EarthBound. When Ness initially enters Threed, it is menaced by the threat of a zombie takeover. Ghouls roam the streets and people are forced to take refuge in their homes and a giant tent in the middle of the town. However, once Master Belch is defeated, the town returns to normal and no longer houses enemies.

Places of Interest

North Threed

Most of Threed's upper section is home to the graveyard, where during the zombie invasion is home to many of the game's well-known enemies, such as the Putrid Moldyman, and, of course, zombies and ghosts. At the very top lies a well guarded by two zombies who will stare into your soul, but will not attack. The Hint Man's house also lies at the north, on the east of the city.

South Threed

The southern part of Threed includes the hotel, the drugstore, the pizza shop, the hospital, and a bakery, all very close to a circus tent in the center of the town. In front of the hotel, after Ness and Paula wander the town a bit, a lady in a bikini appears, which catches the party's attention. They follow her into the hotel, and they are trapped by a group of zombies. At the very south of the town, a lone tent lies. If checked, the party finds a Boogey Tent, which attacks them. After Ness and company defeats the Boogey Tent, it leaves behind a trash can which contains a Jar of Fly Honey, Master Belch's favorite food.


  • Threed's name was derived by the number three, implying that it is the third town in the game.
  • If you add up the names of several locations in EarthBound you end up with ten which may be a reference to "Nintendo."
    • Onett + Twoson + Threed + Fourside = Nintendo.
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