Luigi Does the Harlem Shake

Luigi's reaction to The Year of Luigi

The Year of Luigi was a celebration that was celebrated in 2013. The theme of this Celebration was the 30 year anniversary since the first appearance of Luigi. Nintendo started a celebration of Luigi by releasing three Luigi-based projects.


On February 14th, 2013, Satoru Iwata appeared in a Nintendo Direct Presentation wearing a hat similar to one Luigi would wear. Mr. Iwata explained that Luigi appeared in Mario Bros. when it was first released on July 14, 1983. Since it had been 30 years since Luigi's first appearance, it was decided that 2013 would be "The Year of Luigi".

The first third of the Nintendo Direct was dedicated to soon-to-be-released games related to Luigi. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was previewed first with Shigeru Miyamoto giving insight to some of the ideas present in the game. New Super Luigi U (Which doesn't include Mario at all,) and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were also previewed, as well as Mario Golf: World Tour, a Nintendo 3DS game originally scheduled for release in 2013 and was eventually pushed back to 2014.

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Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour

Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour

  • Nintendo released a Youtube video of Luigi doing the Harlem shake soon after the anniversary announcement (seen above).
  • A special 3DS was designed to celebrate The Year of Luigi.
  • Several Nintendo luminaries visited the StreetPass Mii Plaza wearing Luigi hats.
  • One of prize posters for Club Nintendo members that have reached platinum status was a poster of retro Luigi in front of a green background.
  • On August 12th, Nintendo celebrated the release of New Super Luigi U by decorating a train in Chicago and calling it the "Luigi Line".
  • Nintendo released another Youtube video titled "Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour".

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