The World Ends With You is a video game created by Square Enix that was released on the Nintendo DS. The action role-playing game was initially released in 2007. A remake named The World Ends With You: Final Remix was announced and released in 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.


The game stars Neku, a 15-year-old kid who finds himself in the middle of the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. Early on in the game, he is required to partake in a "game" constructed by the antagonistic group known as the Reapers, and if he doesn't manage to complete this "game" within a total of seven days, then he'll die, or rather be "erased" as the game states. Eventually, he teams up with another character, and the collaborative group is created. Neku battles on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS while the secondary character battles on the top. The player will have to use both the stylus and the d-pad (or the face buttons depending on if you're a lefty or a righty) - the stylus to control Neku and the d-pad to control the secondary character.


Neku is capable of launching a variety of attacks that can be executed through different motions of the stylus. To perform certain attacks, however, he'll have to come in possession of that attack's pin. Attacks range from lightning bolts to fire and even to pins that heal the player upon request.

The secondary character will launch attacks when you input certain combos on the d-pad or face buttons. It's best to memorize the patterns so that you can deliver attacks quickly. If the player wishes to concentrate on the bottom screen, then the computer will automatically control the character on the top screen.


Neku fights using pins, each with a different psych (attack). They are activated by using the right touch command. there is a total of 304 pins in the game. Pins grow levels by gaining PP from battles and mingling.


While Neku fights on the bottom screen, his partner his always fighting on the top screen and his controlled by the d-pad (or face buttons if you are left handed). Each partner has a different battle system. Doing combos earn you fusion Stars. Once you have enough fusion stars you will be able to do a fusion attack (the fusion attack depends on the partner and the amount of fusion Stars you have obtained during that battle).

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