The Witch Hunt is the name of a series of events in the Bayonetta series that led to the destruction of the Umbra Witches following the events of The Clan War. Only two Umbra Witches were known to have survived the genocide: Jeanne and Bayonetta.


In the aftermath of the Clan War, Angelic forces approached Balder, a surviving Lumen Sage who had been cast away for being one of the primary causes of the war, to tell him that the witches were planning a 'rebellion' to take over the Human World now that they weren't counterbalanced by the Lumen Sages and tricked him into heading to Vigrid himself. The Angels then launched a great offensive supervised by Loptr from the shadows to take The Eyes of The World from Balder and Bayonetta at the same time in hope to bring back Jubileus The Creator with their powers.After that Rosa was killed by the hands of Loptr and Balder was taken away by a mysterious force into the future, Bayonetta discovered the lifeless body of her mother and lost the will to fight. However Jeanne realised that Bayonetta had been bestowed with the power of the Left Eye and sealed her in a coffin for 500 years.

Balder then returned from his travel to the future completely corrupted by the influence of Loptr and used his influence as a Lumen Sage to manipulate the humans into believing that the Witches were an evil force and that the Angels and himself were a force of good, shaping the human conception to use them as a means to kill any remaining witches, putting to an end The Witch Hunt.


  • If Bayonetta or Jeanne is killed, the game over screen directly references that The Witch Hunts are now finally complete with their deaths.
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