The Wind Waker is the primary item found in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the GameCube. It is a baton that gives Link the ability to control the direction of the wind, among many other things. With the power of the baton, Link can traverse the entire ocean without having to go through adverse winds by changing the direction the the wind. Beyond this, the Wind Waker can also awaken sages, open magic doors, allow the character to take control of others, and so forth.


The baton is used by applying it to one of the X, Y, or Z buttons, depending on what button the player assigns it to. Then, the main analog stick can be moved from left to right to change the meter and from top to bottom to adjust the volume from louder to quieter, respectively. The C stick is used to conduct specific notes.

Below is a table of the note translations to actual pitches in relation to each C-Stick position in each meter.

Meter Analog Stick
Unmoved Right-C Left-C Up-C Down-C
3/4 Time Center C4 A4 F4 C5 D5
4/4 Time Left B4 A4 F4 C5 D5
6/4 Time Right D5 F#4 (Wind God's Aria) or F#5 (Earth God's Lyric) E5 A5 A4 (Earth God's Lyric) or G4 (Wind God's Aria)


  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Toon Link will pull out his Wind Waker and perform with it as one of the character's taunts. It should also be noted that Toon Link will play the baton in one of his victory poses if he happens to win the match, and that in his trophy and artwork he's holding the Wind Waker.
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