All the tutes from Wii Music

The Tutes are a species that appear in the Wii Series, first appearing in Wii Music. There is Bob Tute, Susie Tute, Peter Tute, Natalie Tute, J.J. Tute, and Pedro Tute. Sebastian Tute would sometimes conduct them.

In Wii Party, a new member of the species appeared, known as Party Phil. In the game's sequel, Party Phil's sister, Party Penny, was introduced.


Tutes look similar to puppets. They all have eyes that remain in the same position (As if they were puppets!).


They first appear when a player takes their first look at the game. When Sebastian Tute finishes giving his introduction lesson, the player will be able to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with the tutes.

They appear later in the game for various reasons. The main one is when the player is doing a jam alone. They will serve as the other members of the band he/she is in, unless if the player turns them off. They will also teach the player how to play certain instruments during the mode Jam Mastery.


  • The Tutes speak in a nonsense gibberish language.
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