An early Mario costume with Wil Wheaton and his younger brother.

The Super Mario-A-Thon was an event that took place on December 6th of 1986 at the Roxbury Park Recreation Center in Beverly Hills. The event was supposedly intended to occur annually, though only one happened. At the event, over forty younger celebrities attended in order to compete in the Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario Bros. The money raised from the event would be donated to the non-profit organization Scott Newman Foundation whose purpose was to help kids stray away from drugs.

Wil Wheaton of Stand By Me fame ranked in the high score of 239,400 points, while his two younger siblings also received high scores too. When asked what his highest score on the game was at home, he explained that it was around 900,000 points.


Various prizes (a total of twenty two) were given away at the event. There were three levels. The prizes included:

  • A Nintendo Control Deck: Whoever was able to beat a celebrity in a video game were put in a drawing. The winner won a Nintendo Control Deck. Twenty people won this prize as well as a Super Mario Bros. game.
  • 19-inch color TV and Deluxe NES: Grand prize. Was awarded via a random drawing of all challengers.
  • Deluxe NES and 15 popular NES games: Overall high scorer (Wil Wheaton).

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