The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants is a platformer game by  Acclaim Entertainment based on the TV series The Simpsons. It was released in North America and Europe in 1991 and in South America on 1993.


Space mutants are invading Springfield and it's up to Bart to save the day. Their superweapon initially requires "purple things", so Bart has to hide or re-paint everything that is purple. When he succeeds, the mutants change their plans to just "hats", so Bart has to collect every hat in Springfield.


  • X-Ray Glasses - Use to see if the human is actually alien or not.
  • Spray bottle - Used in Level 1, To wash the purple stuff.
  • Hats - Used in Level 2, When searching some hats at The Springfield Mall.
  • Balloons - Used in Level 3, Collect them all at Krustyland.
  • Statue - Used in Level 4, Collect them all at the Springfield Museum.
  • Bottle Tubes - Used in Level 5, Collect them all in the Mr. Burn's Power Plant. You'll end the game.
  • Pause - Pauses the game.

Helper and Boss

Level 1

  • Helper: Maggie
  • Boss: Nelson

Level 2

  • Helper: Marge
  • Boss: Mrs. Botz

Level 3

  • Helper: Lisa
  • Boss: Sideshow Bob

Level 4

  • Helper: Homer
  • Boss: Dr. Marvin Monroe

Level 5

  • Helper: None
  • Boss: The Space Mutant

Controller figuration

  • Control Pad: Moves Bart Simpson
  • A Key: Jump and Dash
  • B Key: Attacks
  • Select Key: Select items when start key is selected
  • Start Key: Starts the game, Use items and Pauses the game.


The Angry Video Game Nerd has cited the plot as being confusing, the controls as being broken, and various other problems.

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