The Pokémon Company(JP)(CN) is the company responsible for brand management, production, licensing, and marketing of the Pokémon franchise. The company is jointly owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.


The company was founded on April 23, 1998 as Pokémon Center Co. Ltd(JP), and it managed Pokémon Center-themed stores.

The company changed it's name to The Pokémon Company in October 2000. International divisions would follow - Pokémon USA, Inc. (est. February 2001), Pokémon UK (est. March 2003), and Pokémon Korea, Inc. (est. August 28, 2006). In 2009, Pokémon USA, Inc. and Pokémon UK would merge to form The Pokémon Company International.


In 2005, MSKCC named a gene that acts as the master switch for cancer "POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor". The Pokémon Company, not wanting bad press due to the name's similarity to the Pokémon trademark, threatened the center with legal action in December 2005. This caused MSKCC to change the gene's name to Zbtb7.[2]

List of products

The most successful products with their name include the video games (starting with the Pokémon Mini), the anime, and the trading card game.


The Pokémon Company has published Pokémon Card GB2: Team Great Rocket is Here! and all future Pokémon games. The company is credited on Japanese releases of games as the publisher (発売/発売元 Hatsubai/Hatsubaimoto) while Nintendo is credited as the distributor (販売/販売元 Hanbai/Hanbaimoto).


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