The New King is the 23rd chapter in Chrono Trigger. This is where Dalton puts wings on the Epoch.


The party awakens to find that most of the planet was covered in water due to the tidal wave. They also learn that neither Crono nor Schala appeared to have survived.

Now in the Last Village on what remains of Terra Continent, they see a few Enlightened Ones survived the collapse of the Kingdom of Zeal. Heading up to the Commons, Dalton shows up and declares himself King since Zeal had disappeared. He also takes the party as prisoners.

They are held captive aboard Dalton's Blackbird high up in the air. Fighting their way through the massive plane, they see flying next to them, Dalton in the Epoch. Dalton had attached wings to it and claimed it for himself. The party inevitably defeats Dalton, destroys the Blackbird and takes back Epoch.

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