The Mighty Jinjonator is a god-like Jinjo who deals the final blow to Gruntilda at the end of Banjo-Kazooie.


Upon Gruntilda's near defeat by Banjo and Kazooie, she summons a magical force field to deflect all remaining attacks. During this time, four statues of Jinjos appear from each corner of the battlefield, standing upon a pedestal with a hole. Once firing approximately three eggs into the pedestal's hole, the Jinjo statue will awaken, revealing a colored Jinjo..

Once awakened, the Jinjo will fly into Gruntilda, damaging her. As all four Jinjos are awakened and attack Gruntilda, one final large Jinjo statue will arise from the ground. He calls himself "The Mighty Jinjonator" requesting you activate him. Being substantially larger than the previous Jinjo Statues, the pedestal on which he stands is characterized with four holes which you need to shoot six eggs in each hole to activate.

Once activated, a giant Blue Jinjo will emerge from the statue with glowing Red Eyes. Each of the varied colors of Jinjo will fly into the Giant Blue Jinjo, absorbing them on impact. The Mighty Jinjonator will proceed to circling around Banjo like a normal Jinjo before ramming into Gruntilda multiple times. As she is struck, explosions of the Jinjo colors will erupt on impact with Gruntilda. The Mighty Jinjonator continues to pound into Gruntilda while she claims her strength will allow her to withstand the Jinjonator's attacks.

As the battery continues, The Mighty Jinjonator will stop before the witch and bellow one final word: "Jinjo". Gruntilda now shows fear towards him. As the word is carried out, The Mighty Jinjonator finishes the assault with one final smash into the now helpless Gruntilda.

As she falls from the tower, she casts one final spell at Banjo, which misses. She lands at the base of Spiral Mountain, her impact creating a hole which is sealed by a boulder fallen from the castle's peak.

Super Smash Bros.

Banjo and Kazooie begin the move by summoning the statue of the Jinjonator up from the ground. The opponent hit by its appearance will be sent into a cutscene in which the Jinjonator quickly rams into any trapped opponents multiple times, before charging forward for one final hit with four Jinjos following. Only one opponent can be caught in the cutscene.

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