The Masamune! is the 14th chapter in Chrono Trigger. This is where Frog joins Crono's party as they venture toward Magus's Lair.

This chapter also contains two flashback sequences in which the player gets a glimpse into Frog's past. The player finally meets Cyrus and also sees how Frog was magically transformed into an actual frog.


Traveling via the pillars of light at The End of Time, Crono and his party, now in possession of the rare red mineral and the Masamune pieces, jump to the Time Gate in Medina in 1000 A.D. and head west to Melchior's Hut.

With all the pieces, Melchior is able to repair the sword. Crono then travels back to the End of Time and jumps to the Time Gate in Truce Canyon in 600 A.D. The party heads south to Frog's hideout in the Cursed Woods. Presenting the Masamune to Frog, Crono convinces him to join his party and help defeat Magus. Together, they travel back to the End of Time so Spekkio can grant Frog the power to wield magic.

Jumping back to 600 A.D., the party heads for the Magic Cave. Using the power of the Masamune, Frog opens the rock entrance to the Cave. They journey through the underground tunnels battling strange monsters and emerge on the central continent, where the only thing that stands is Magus' castle.

The epic battle awaits.

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