The Lost Vikings is an action-adventure side-scrolling puzzle game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1992 (United States) and 1993 (Japan and Europe) by Blizzard Entertainment. A remake was developed for the Game Boy Advance.

The three playable characters are Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce and Olaf the Stout. Each character has his own abilities, and all three work together to reach the end of each level.

A sequel. Lost Vikings 2, was released in 1997.


A Croutonian alien emperor named Tomator kidnaps the vikings in the middle of the night, intending on putting them in his intergalactic zoo along with various other creatures throughout the universe. The vikings manage to escape his spaceship but end up falling through different crazy worlds and time periods. After battling through those worlds, they find themselves back on the ship finally fighting Tomator.


There are 37 levels spread out over 6 worlds. The passwords to each level are listed below.

Spaceship Prehistoric Egypt Factory Wacky Spaceship

Level 01: STRT

Level 05: LLM0

Level 12: QCKS

Level 18: JLLY

Level 26: NFL8

Level 34: TFFF

Level 02: GR8T

Level 06: FL0T

Level 13: PHR0

Level 19: PLNG

Level 27: WKKY

Level 35: FRGT

Level 03: TLPT

Level 07: TRSS

Level 14: C1R0

Level 20: BTRY

Level 28: CMB0

Level 36: 4RN4

Level 04: GRND

Level 08: PRHS

Level 15: SPKS

Level 21: JNKR

Level 29: 8BLL

Level 37: MSTR

Level 09: CVRN

Level 16: JMNN

Level 22: CBLT

Level 30: TRDR

Level 10: BBLS

Level 17: TTRS

Level 23: H0PP

Level 31: FNTM

Level 11: VLCN

Level 24: SMRT

Level 32: WRLR

Level 25: V8TR

Level 33: TRPD


The game won "Most Innovative Game" in the 1993 Nintendo Power Awards.

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