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The Legend of Zelda was an American animated TV series loosely based on the games The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the NES.

Show premise[]

Each episode followed Link, the hero, and Princess Zelda as they defended the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon, the evil wizard. Most episodes featured Ganon or his minions attempting to capture the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda, kidnap Zelda or use another method to conquer the kingdom. Link and Zelda may also be accompanied by Spryte, the cute and beautiful princess of the Faeries.

A common joke in the series was Link trying to get Zelda to kiss him for his heroic deeds. When they were about to kiss, something bad would happen.

Zelda had more of a protagonist role in the show than the games. Where she mostly battles with Link mainly with a bow and arrow.

Link usually met Zelda's obstinate rejection with his trademark sarcastic catchphrase, "Well!Excuuuuuse me, Princess!".

The show was canceled along with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Both have been released on DVD in North America. The Super Show originally advertised new episodes of The Legend of Zelda, but were removed when the Super Show was in reruns. The previews were retained on the DVD set.

The intro revealed that "those who held the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power would rule Hyrule forever". This appears to exclude the Triforce of Courage.


Image # Titles Original airdate(s) Prod. #
Ganon stealing the Triforce 1 "The Ringer" September 8, 1989 101
A disguised Ganon enters a magicians' contest at Hyrule Castle so he can steal the Triforce.
No image available 2 "Cold Spells" September 15, 1989 102
Link pretends to have a cold in order to get out of spring cleaning.
No image available 3 "The White Knight" September 22, 1989 103
When the handsome Prince Facade shows up in Hyrule, Zelda cannot keep her eyes off of him, and Link is green with jealousy.
No image available 4 "Kiss'n Tell" September 29, 1989 104
A Gibdo turns Link into a frog, and he can only be changed back if a princess kisses him.
No image available 5 "Sing for the Unicorn" October 6, 1989 105
Ganon captures King Harkinian by riding a flying unicorn that he stole.
No image available 6 "That Sinking Feeling" October 13, 1989 106
Ganon has a new toy: an Overworld Magnet, capable of pulling any object in the Overworld down into the Underworld.
Evil Zelda 7 "Doppelganger" October 20, 1989 107
Ganon sends out an evil clone of Zelda to steal the Triforce.
No image available 8 "Underworld Connections" October 27, 1989 108
Ganon's evil creatures attack the castle and break the Triforce into three pieces.
No image available 9 "Stinging a Stinger" November 3, 1989 109
A scammer named Sleazenoze gives Link a seemingly fancy but actually breakable sword.
No image available 10 "A Hitch in the Works" November 10, 1989 110
Ganon takes a page from Bowser's playbook and tries forcing Zelda to marry him.
No image available 11 "Fairies in the Spring" November 17, 1989 111
King Harkinnian build a water park.
The Missing (or rather ghostly) Link 12 "The Missing Link" November 24, 1989 112
Link gets zapped by a wand that separates him from his body.
No image available 13 "The Moblins Are Revolting" December 1, 1989 113
Ganon's minions decide he's a terrible leader and decide to take charge of his operations themselves.

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