The following are a list of ships and their updgrades in the Nintendo DS video game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Style 1

The first style is a standard, not too interesting ship design. It's the one that you'll see mainly in the released videos, and will be the first one that you'll ride on. The upgrades of the ship include -

Passable Prow A regular prow that'll be found at the front of the ship.
Normal Anchor The anchor will come equipped with the ship.
Standard Hull The original hull that comes with the ship.
Eddo's Cannon A large cannon that can be installed on your ship for 50 Rupees.
Simple Handrail A handrail on the ship - Be sure to hang on!
Steady Bridge This is where you'll be the whole time. The bridge is a common style.
Normal Chimney The normal chimney came installed on Linebeck's ship.
Normal Wheel A standard paddle wheel that came with Linebeck's ship.

Style 2

The second style looks like a ship from Hell. It features demon like qualities and spooky additions.

Demon Prow A prow that has the face of a demon.
Sickle Anchor A sickle that is made from a sickle, or at least inspired by one.
Demon Hull A ship that is said to carry many evils.
Fear Cannon A cannon that can presumably fire pure malice.
"Spike Handrail" While the word "handrail" is in the title, it's suggested that you don't grasp onto this.
Demon Prison This is mainly where you'll be, though it was originally designed to hold demons.
Demon Chimney A Chimney made of magma.
Insect Wheel A paddle that was made from the shell of a red insect.

Stlye 3

This one's a lot more peaceful than the previous one, and features plenty of different colors.

Drill Prow A broken prow that nobody can fix.
Iron Anchor A very powerful anchor that can hold a ship through almost anything.
Iron Hull Don't mistake this for a strong hull - because it isn't!
Strong Cannon A nice cannon that you can add to this boat style.
Chain Handrail A handrail with strong chains - won't break easily!
Conning Tower The bridge for the boat, has a nice red roof with golden sculptures.
Parasol Chimney A chimney made of iron. Caution: Gets very hot when used!
Battle Wheel Some say that the wheel was made from a battleship screw.

Style 4

The fourth style is an amazing mechanical/metal ship.

Bell Prow It looks like drill, though it's just to intimidate your enemies.
Bell Anchor An anchor in the shape of a bell.
Bright Hull A modified hull that was once found on a regular ship.
Artistic Cannon A menacing cannon that's featured in the style 4 category.
Arch Handrail Another chain handrail.
Restful Cabin The bridge for this ship. Go here for a nice rest during battle... wait, what?
Elegant Chimney A simple chimney with a bell shaped top.
Paddling Wheel The wheel for your ship with plenty of paddles to go along with it.
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