The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (JP) is a Legend of Zelda game released on the Game Boy Color alongside The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and was one of the last games for the Game Boy Color.

At the time of release the developers, Capcom were accused by fans of copping the tatics of the Pokémon games by bringing out two similar games at the same time to increase profits.

This was proven false after revealing major differences in each game. Oracle of Ages is more of a puzzle based game, while Oracle of Seasons is more of an action based game. It is also worth noting that the two games have features exclusive to the Game Boy Advance; for example, the Advance Shop.

This game was going to be in a three part series of Zelda games made by Capcom, but Capcom had trouble with the password system, so the time based puzzles originally in the third game were put in Oracle of Ages. It may also be noted that Oracle of Seasons was originally going to be a remake of the original Legend of Zelda.


The game takes place when the triforce transports Link to a land called Labrynna. He finds Impa and guides her to Nayru, Oracle of Ages. But Impa was possessed by an evil villain named Veran. Veran possesses Nayru and goes to the past, wreaking havoc everywhere. Link goes to the Maku Tree for help, but finds she has lost her memory, and Link has to obtain the eight Essences of Time to restore the Maku Tree's memory and stop Veran.


The Oracle games share many things with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, such as sounds and graphics. Link's sword and shield are assigned to the A and B buttons. Oracle of Ages has 8 dungeons and the overworld to explore. Link is guided by the Maku tree.

Unlike most Zelda games, this is not set in the land of Hyrule, but instead set in Labrynna.



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