The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch, and the first-ever entry of The Legend of Zelda series to feature Princess Zelda as the main playable character.

It is set to be released on September 26, 2024.


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Zelda using the Echo ability with a table

The game is a 2D action-adventure game with 3D graphics, and the player controls Princess Zelda. The main mechanic allows Zelda to copy objects and replicate them by using "Echo", with the help of the fairy Tri. She can even replicate certain enemies to have them fight alongside. There is a menu where players can choose the ojects they've Echoed.

The game is confirmed to have Amiibo, which its function is currently unknown.[1]

The exact art style resembles the Link's Awakening remake.


While rescuing Zelda from Ganon, Link disappears after being sucked into a mysterious rift, with similar rifts appearing throughout Hyrule and causing others to disappear. With help from the mysterious fairy Tri, who gives her the Tri Rod, Zelda sets out to save Link and Hyrule.


The game features the same art style as the Link's Awakening remake (2019).

The game was first announced on June 18, 2024, during a Nintendo Direct.


The game was first announced at a Nintendo Direct presentation in June 2024.

It will be released on Nintendo Switch on September 26, 2024. Alongside, a Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch Lite system will also be released.


  • The game's music will be more orchestral compared to the Link's Awakening remake.

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