This is the official CD soundtrack for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES in 1992. There are a total of 32 songs in the game.

List of Songs

Title Theme

Beginning of a New Journey

Seal of Seven Maidens

Time of the Falling Rain

Hyrule Castle

Princess Zelda's Rescue

Safety in the Sanctuary

Hyrule Field Main Theme

Kakariko Village

Guessing Game House

Fortune Teller

Soldiers of Kakariko Village

Dank Dungeons

Lost Ancient Ruins

Anger of the Guardians

Great Victory!

The Silly Pink Rabbit!

Forest of Mystery

Master Sword

Priest of the Dark Order

The Dark World

Black Mist

Dungeon of Shadows

Meeting the Maidens

The Goddess Appears

Release of Ganon

Ganon's Message

The Prince of Darkness

Power of the Gods

Epilogue~ Beautiful Hyrule

Staff Roll

Unused Sound

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