The InterNed (JP) is a semi-minor character in the 2007 Wii game, Super Paper Mario, he was created by The InterChet, he can be located in 2-4 and in Flipside. He is Catch Card number 204 and is Uncommon.

In Super Paper Mario

When Mario and Peach try to defeat Mimi to get the 2nd Pure Heart from Merlee Mimi transforms into a Merlee look-a-like which causes confusion of who's the real Merlee, this causes The InterNed to show up to present the 66th annual That's My Merlee! show, where The InterNed is the host.

Later if the player goes to The Underwhere bar The InterNed can be seen on one of the benches, if the player talks to him they'll be able to pay him 10 Coins for him to play a random music piece from the game's soundtrack.

Card Location

Next to The Underwhere bar if the player flips to 3D as Mario they reveal a hole in the wall with a chest, opening the chest will make the player receive a Catch Card of The InterNed.

Card Description

"The InterNed knows all... and also moonlights as a game-show host!"


"That's The InterNed... This mysterious character can be an MC or a DJ... If you ask, he'll play a nostalgic tune for you... Instead of asking for something complex, just sit back and enjoy it..."


His name is a play on the words Internet and the name Ned.

Names in other languages

Language Name
French Jean-Pierre
German InterFred
Italian Internello
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