The Impact Site is the first stage in Pikmin. On the first day Olimar discovers the Red Onion, then it makes a red seed. He plucks it, and reveals itself to be strange type of plant-creature, which Olimar dubs as Pikmin. The red Pikmin would follow him wherever he goes. He needs 10 Pikmin to push a box, that leads to his ship's engine. (There is another treasure, but Olimar need yellow, red, and blue Pikmin). After you get 10 Pikmin to push the box, get 10 more to carry the engine (20 Pikmin, more than 20 can be obtained in the stage though). Then Olimar blasts off for the night. He discovers 2 things, monsters come at night, making him flee, the onion follows him for the night. His quote " The Pikmin follow me, can they not survive on their own, our do they just like me? Ether way it looks like they will help me tomorrow."

The impact site


These are the monsters that live here.

Ship Parts

There are 2 ship pieces total in this stage.


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