Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Topsy-Turvy Games is a video game released exclusively for Game Boy. This game is based on the 1996 animated Disney film of the same name.


There are five mini-games:

Picture Puzzle

The goal is to slide all puzzle pieces in the right order before time runs out.

Djali Bowling

This is a bowling game. The player controls Djali, a goat who must knock off all the pins. Knocking off all pins is a strike. Knocking all in two tries is a spare.


The goal is to knock off all the blocks with a ball without missing to reveal images. Bigger blocks are harder to destroy in higher levels.


The goal is to knock off the balloons out of the opponent's. Letting the balloons get destroyed is a game over.

Catch the Fool

The goal is to bounce the falling person back into a windowsill. There is a count of how many people are remaining and a time limit.

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