The Hero Appears is the 10th chapter in Chrono Trigger. This is where Crono and his party fight Zombor and save the soldiers at Zenan Bridge in 600 A.D.


Now on a mission to prevent Magus from summoning Lavos, Crono and his party travel to 600 A.D. Appearing in Truce Canyon, they travel through Truce and Guardia Forest to find that King Guardia XXI was wounded in battle and recovering at Guardia Castle. He explains that a "legendary hero" had appeared to defeat Magus and this hero was on the Southwestern continent.

Heading south, Crono's party eventually come to Zenan Bridge where the Guardia soldiers are starving and losing the battle at the Bridge. In an effort to help the soldiers, Crono and his party head back to the Castle to get rations, but all the Chef can spare is jerky. So they bring that back to the soldiers at the Bridge only to find that many of them have been killed.

To help out, Crono and his party head across the Bridge and defeat the monster Zombor. The Knight Captain is appreciative of their help.

Continuing south, Crono's party passes through Dorino where everyone's talking about the legendary hero. Also, Toma mentions the Rainbow Shell. They meet Fiona just south of Dorino, then head into Porre, the village where the legendary hero lives. Crono discovers the hero's name is Tata and he's entered the Denadoro Mountains in search of the Masamune sword. So the party journeys to the Mountains looking for Tata.

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