The Final Trial is the final place in Pikmin. The player needs 29 ship parts before he can reach this area. The player need all types of pikmin to reach the final boss Emperor Bulblax.

Area Layout

There is fire geysers, water, and bomb rocks around. The area starts with two bridges with a stone wall in between. The area also has a box that the player must lead Red Pikmin to. Before the boss fight, the player has to knock down a wall. The boss fight area also has a few bomb rocks around.

Boss Fight

This boss is the strongest boss in the game. The main way of attacking is by tossing Pikmin on his face as h the player can make him eat bomb rocks (either by also eating the Yellow Pikmin or leaving it there as her lashes his tongue out), and he will take damage and be stunned. When he has half his health down, he jumps this takes away half of Olimar's health. Finally, the player defeat him, he drops the 30th ship part.


Ship Parts

This area only has one ship part. It is unnecessary for completion of the game.


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