The Final Fantasy Legend (JP) (Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan) was the first of many Final Fantasy video games to be released on the Game Boy. In the game, you could choose from eight different characters to play as. The game is part of the Final Fantasy and the SaGa franchises.

Despite the original title was SaGa: Warrior of the Kingdom of Demons Tower, the game came out in the West under the Final Fantasy brand name for marketing reasons, despite not deviate a lot from the main series.


The adventure takes place in a fantasy world, built on multiple overlapping layers to each other, and dominated by a mysterious tower that is said to reach Paradise.

Four young people are at the foot of the immense tower to climb, crossing different worlds, hoping to reach the summit. The three worlds that will cross the protagonists are very different, with its own precise cosmology and structure, and they are: a vast tropical archipelago, a world built on the clouds of heaven and a city destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe. In addition to these also they pass through some intermediate spaces between the lands.

In each of these stories, the heroes must face one of the servants of the evil demon Ashura.

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