The Final Battle is the 9th and final event in Chrono Trigger. This is where Crono's party finally defeats the evil entity called Lavos.


Crono's party has been magically transported to Lavos.

The giant porcupine entity attacks the party, manifesting the powers and abilities of the boss enemies Crono's party faced along their journey. When the battle ends, the head of the entity disappears, leaving the empty shell.

Entering the shell, the party finds Inner Lavos, a massive two-armed creature with tubes running out of it. Destroying the arms and then the head, the battle ends and the party is transported to yet another dimensional plane where they face the Lavos Core.

The Lavos Core consists of two small floating pods with a humanoid creature in between. They realize that destroying the right pod will ultimately kill Lavos once and for all. After the battle is won, Lavos is completely destroyed and all of space and time is safe and peace is finally restored.

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