The Distant Spring is the fourth stage in Pikmin for Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! for Wii. The area is unlocked after getting 12 ship parts. It is home to ten ship parts. This stage has lots of water. This stage also has several stone walls and some fire, so you need to use all three types of Pikmin. It is the second to last stage. One reason why this stage is hard, because it has quite a few bosses. This stage becomes Perplexing Pool in Pikmin 2. It got drained and had some significant changes.

The Smoky Progg is a unique boss that appears here before or on the 15th day. He is dangerous for uprooting and poisoning Pikmin.


Ship Parts

  • Repair-Type Bolt
  • Massage Machine
  • Interstellar Radio
  • Gluon Drive
  • UV Lamp
  • Zirconium Rotor
  • Pilot's Seat
  • Bowsprit
  • Chronos Reactor
  • #2 Ionium Jet
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