The Blorbs was a disease that once hit the Mushroom Kingdom on the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Once a toad caught the blorbs, the would baloon to masive size and would have a hard time moving. This disease became such a serious matter that Peach had to call an emergency meeting with the Mushroom Council.

The Cause

It didn't take long for eveyone to find out that the cause of the blorbs was Fawful selling people Blorb Mushrooms. Fawful soon revealed to Bowser that he did this so that the toads would be distracted and he would be able to take over the kingdom.

The Cure

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow were sent by Dr. Toadly to find the three Star Cures, which would break down the blockade that Fawful had created by using the power of the Dark Star, and cure the blorbs. They eventually found the three cures and put them together to create the Mirical Cure. All of the blorded toads then suddenly returned to normal.

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