Tetris Party is a WiiWare video game released on October of 2008.[1] The game is known as having an unbelievable amount of modes (18 [2]), some of which even use the Wii Balance Board.[3] IGN noted it as being the best console version of Tetris in years, rewarding the game with a nine out of ten.[4] Many of the modes featured in the game have never been present in the series before, such as Beginner Tetris, which features smaller blocks, Balance Board Tetris, which makes use of the Wii Fit accessory, Stage Racer, which has you guiding a block through various obstacles, and many more. A sequel, titled Tetris Party Deluxe was released for the Wii and DS in 2010.


The gameplay hasn't changed much over the years, and to keep in that tradition they've kept the original game mode and added many other experimental modes to accompany it. These new modes aren't intended to replace the beloved main game, though are rather there to compliment it and give players a variety of choices; most of which haven't been given to them before. As in Tetris DS before it, the game makes use of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - but is arguably improved. For one, you can battle up to five players, whereas in DS it was limited to only three (not including you for either). The connection will also be improved due to the Wii's capabilities. Unfortunately, in standard battle against another player over wifi (without the use of items), you'll only be able to go up against one other.


The game was very well received. Trusted gaming website IGN stated that it was the best console version of the game in years, and rewarded it with a 9/10,[5] compared to the 6/10 they gave to Tetris Splash on Xbox Live.[6]


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