Tetris DX is a Game Boy Color launch title released in 1998. Interestingly, while the game was made for the Game Boy Color, it is also playable on the original Game Boy, though it won't feature the enhanced graphics. The game is part of the Game Boy Color DX series that features remakes of classic Game Boy games. Other games included the likes of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.


There are three new modes in the game that weren't included before. They are:

  • Ultra Mode: Acquire as many points within a three minute time limit.
  • 40 Lines: Clear 40 lines as quick as you can.
  • Vs. CPU: Play against the computer.

The traditional Marathon mode is also available, where you attempt to keep going without losing for as long as possible. The maximum score in Marathon mode is 9,999,999.

Basic statistics

Each variation of Tetris has minor, perhaps even negligible at times, alterations that weren't present in previous version or were omitted in certain games. The following are basic things that were either not included or added to the game, and basic stats.

  • There is no hold option available.
  • There is no hard drop available.
  • The playfield dimensions are 10w x 18h.
  • The rotation system uses bounding box, wall kick and SRS.
  • The amount of pieces you can see before they're available are one.
  • In Marathon mode, the maximum score is 9,999,999.
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