Tetris Blast (Super Bombliss in Japan) is a Game Boy/SNES video game released in 1995 in Japan by BPS and elsewhere by Nintendo. The game is a remake of the game Bombliss. The basic premise of Tetris is still intact, though this time there are some bombs contained in the blocks that, when they explode, will destroy many of the surrounding blocks as well.

Basic statistics

Each variation of Tetris has minor, perhaps even negligible at times, alterations that weren't present in previous version or were omitted in certain games. The following are basic things that were either not included or added to the game, and basic stats.

  • There is no hold option available.
  • There is no hard drop available.
  • The playfield dimensions are 10w x 17h
  • The rotation system uses BPS.
  • Depending on the mode you're playing, you may be able to see 1-4 pieces that are soon to become available while playing.