Tetris Axis was the first original 3DS Tetris game, coming before Tetris Ultimate. It was taken off of the eShop since Ubisoft now owns the rights to Tetris.


There are 3 main game categories with many games in each:

  • Featured Modes
    • Marathon
    • Computer Battle
    • Fever
    • Survival
  • Party Modes
    • Jigsaw
    • Shadow Wide
    • Fit
    • Tower Climber
    • Bombliss Plus
    • Stage Racer Plus
    • Capture
    • Master Mode
    • Sprint
  • AR Modes
    • AR Marathon
    • AR Climber

There is also an option for Local Play (Each player has a copy of the game), Download Play (One copy of the game, downloaded to each system), and Internet Play (Each player has a copy of the game and connects to the internet).


There are 13 unique music tracks:

  • 1. Polovtsian Dances
  • 2. Volga Boat
  • 3. Waltz of the Flowers
  • 4. Korobeinski & Trepek
  • 5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  • 6. Sorochinsky Fair
  • 7. The Music Box
  • 8. The Gypsy Dance
  • 9. Fairy Tale (Swing Mix)
  • 10. The Sleeping Beauty
  • 11. Flight of the Bumblebee
  • 12. Swan Lake
  • 13. The Two Larks

Each mode has a default setting for music which can be automatically chosen, and the music can also be turned off.


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