Tetris 2(JP) is one of the many different variants of Tetris. It was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo and Bullet Proof Software. There are quite a few differences from the original Tetris, making this a true sequel rather than just a remake.



Right when you start a new game up, the board will already have blocks at the bottom. Your goal is to not fill one line with blocks, but to rather put three or more blocks of the same color next to each other. Each Tetrimo still has four blocks, though this time the blocks are of different colors. Once three or more of the same colored blocks are connected, they will be removed from the board. The goal of the game is to not to get rid of all the blocks on the stage, but rather to just get rid of the flashing ones. The later stages will have more blocks in the beginning, and the speed of the tetrimos will be increased.


The game was rereleased twice in America, once as a Player's Choice title in 1995 and the second time as just a reprinting of the game in 1998. The game was not published by Nintendo in Japan, and wasn't released in Europe.


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