Tenchu: Dark Secret (天誅 DARK SHADOW) is a Nintendo DS video game by FromSoftware. Nintendo published the game outside of Japan. The game was one of the earlier titles to make use of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where you could trade items with people from around the globe.


Two years after Tenchu II, Rikimaru and Ayame are charged with helping Princess Shizu. She is a daughter of the Akama family who wishes to seek refuge with her family ally and the ninja's master, Lord Gohda. When the ninja arrive to Saiga village, it is under attack and Princess Shizu is wounded. While she recovers, Rikimaru and Ayame must rely on traps to defeat the many ninja and warriors sent by Princess Shizu's warmongering fiancé, Kagemasa Hakkaku. Protecting her will also prevent Kagemasa's demonic ritual.


In traditional Tenchu fashion, you'll control a character who tactically figures out a way to kill an enemy by using your surroundings and what you have in your inventory. Dark Secret is seen from a bird's eye view, which is new for the series. It should be noted that in the game, the action takes place on the top screen, while various statistics and information is on the bottom one.

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