The Temple of the Ocean King is the main temple in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is situated on the main island. Many different enemies and traps lie within the Temple, and some cannot be slain. To progress through the dungeon, Link sometimes must travel to other islands to acquire objects such as the bow and arrow and the boomerang. Acquiring such objects will allow Link to skip various puzzles. The Temple air is toxic in most places, and Link must be protected by the Phantom Hourglass. However, once the sand in the hourglass depletes, Link will begin to be affected by the toxic air until he dies. There are various protective areas within the dungeon that protect Link from enemies and the toxic air. Skeletons of dead explorers still have their spirits, which provide tips for Link throughout the dungeon. When Link defeats a boss on another island, he is given a few extra minutes to his hourglass.

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